Thursday, December 15, 2005

Desperate Housewives: Always Hot!
Hot Desperate Housewives Items:Obviously you are a HUGE Desperate Housewives fan if you are visiting my Blog. So, I thought i'd tell you about ABC's official Desperate Housewives online store. You can get ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you ever imagined! You can go straight to the fan gear site or to the site where you can purchase items you have seen on the show! How cool?!?! On the fan gear site you can get anything from a simple t-shirt to a kitchen timer to a Swarvoski crystal apple key chain. OBVIOUSLY, everything has an apple on it!! How cute! The website shows many of the hot clothes, shoes, handbags...etc. that all of the characters have worn on the show. When you click on the item you are taken to an excerpt that explains who wears the shoes and exactly what happens in that seen. It's pretty cool. It also tells you how you can purchase the item. If you love the different housewives styles as much as I do i know you'll check out the site this holiday season. Good luck! Enjoy!


Sunday, December 11, 2005

No Desperate Housewives Tonight 12/11!! But dont worry stay tuned for next weeks episode!!! We find out who Edie's new boyfriend is, Lynette goes back to work and Phyllis returns only to drive Bree crazy. Get excited!!!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Fashion @ it's Best:
Hello my fellow Desperate Housewives FANS!!!! I received an email today from a girl named Breezy who runs a blog at where she blogs about celebreties fashion styles and how YOU can copy their great styles. This week she did a special on our favorites--the ladies of Desperate Housewives. Check it out! Here you will find the signiture styles of each of your favorite Housewives. And if you'd like--take some of these tips shopping with you over the holidays!!! It a great site. ENJOY!!!!

EVEN BETTER: Breezy even tells you where you can get these signiture styles for reasonable prices!!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2005

What Happened Last Night?!?!
First off ...I want to get it out there that GEORGE IS CRAZY!!!! How did Bree not see it for so long. Thankfully, last night she started to realize hes a "whack-job" just like her special visitor told her. What do you think of this whole George episode??? Think he has some serious problems??? How could you not after he burned that man Bree was dancing with car!!! He scares me. But anyways, moving on to Susan and her crisis with finding out who her father is. All Susan wanted to know was who her father really was. She finds out that he is not the war hero her mother made him out to be so she confronts her mother at the wedding rehearsal where her mother then runs out because she doesn't want to answer the question. Susan then finds out that her father was just a one night stand who her mother doesn't remember his name. Until the wedding reception when Susan's mother stands up infront of everyone and informs her that she does know her father and he runs the hardware store in town. Poor Susan. As for Lynette, it's time she teaches Tom a lesson about how to keep the kids safe. She makes the intern or office worker attempt to abduct her children to teach Tom a lesson.(By the way how funny he was updating his BLOG when she asked him!!!) Well, Lynette was right. Porter and Preston ran to the car when they were offered candy, but too bad the neighbor didn't know it was a planned event. She comes out with a stun-gun and zaps the kid. He was only trying to help out!!! Poor boy. During all of this commotion Gabrielle is out greiving the only way she knows how to---shopping. Carlos thinks that she doesn't know how to grieve so he sends an old jail mate to the house to "watch" her, but he is really there to help her figure out her feelings and that it is okay to be upset. Gabrielle did a great job of expressing her feelings at the end of the show. Caleb finally gets arrested when he is tackeled down my Mike. Good job Mike!!! Can't wait to see next weeks exciting episode.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Check Out This Week's Desperate Moment:

This clip shows the most memorable moments from last Sunday's episode!


Don't forget to watch DH this Sunday (11/20) to find out what happens with Bree's engagement and how the town handles the interuder.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Crazy Events of Wisteria Lane: 11/6
We can always count on the crazy events that take place every Sunday night on Wisteria Lane to entertain us. George wants to take things to the next step with Bree. However, she breaks out in hives everytime she is with him. Her psychologist tells her that she gets nervous and breaks out because she still thinks of herself as being married. Bree decides that if she goes somewhere remote she wouldn't get hives. Turns out she was wrong and when the two arrive at the hotel she breaks out. During dinner George gives Bree some antihistamines to prevent her from getting hives. Bree gets drunk and wakes to find George sitting in a chair watching her and tells her that he can't wait around forever. Bree ends up letting George stay and while George sleeps, Bree sits in the chair and contemplates whether or not she is doing the right thing. What does everyone think of George? Personally, I think he's a bad person and I hope Bree figures that out soon. I feel bad for Lynette when her boss decides to embaress her infront of all of her co-workers about her suits. Lynette then goes out and buys a BEAUTIFUL white suit that costs $900 to impress her boss. Tom wants her to return it, until she returns home with a set of golf cloubs for him and tells him that "sometimes they need to buy things for themselves." Lynette is look great in that suit!! Gabrielle is being escortd out of the court house by the lawyer when a stalker starts firing at him. The stalker throws the gun at the lawyer and the police shoot the lawyer. The lawyer ends up walking out of the hearing because he cannot help Gabirelle get Carlos out of jail because he is in love with her. Gabrielle then seduces him and tells him that he is not really in love with her beause he agreed to having an affair. She tells him that if he didn't show up in court then she would have him disbarred for sexual harrassment. Paul Young has returned to town. Susan calls the police to tell them a murderer is back in town and when the police show up to ask Mike if Paull really did confess Mike denies it. Mike denied that Paul said anything because he violated his probation and in the diary entries it says that Susan burnt down Edie's house. Paul Young shows up Susan's house with the MISSING poster of Zach. Susan blurts out that she gave Zach money to go to Utah. Mike finds out and confronts Susan. Susan owns up to her actions and Mike tells her "their over" and leaves her in the middle of the street hysterically crying in Sophie's wedding dress.

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Monday, October 31, 2005

The Housewives: Causing Controversy??

I found an article about Desperate Housewives on the website e-online. Due to the sexual content the show expresses many loyal advertisers are straying away from the Sunday night time slots. Lowe's, Tyson Foods, and Kellogg's are three companies who will no longer advertise during the show. They are saying that the "show does not operate within their core values." I think that this is ridiculous, however, I don't think that this will have any real effect on the show. New advertiser's have already picked up the open slots for the entire season. Read for more information

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